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Premier Recreation Soccer

Board of Directors

President:  Van Hill - [email protected]m

Vice President:  Spencer Whittle - [email protected]

Treasurer:  Sherry Somers - [email protected]

Secretary:  Lauren Fatyol - [email protected]

Head Registrar / Risk Management Liaison:  Mary Garcia - [email protected]

PTFC Director of Coaching:  David Upchurch - [email protected]g

PSA Director of Coaching:  Gregg Weigel - [email protected]

PSA Assistant Director:  Teddy Holcomb - [email protected]

Member-At-Large:  Ray Kuethe - [email protected]

Member-At-Large:  Ren Lackey - [email protected]

Member-At-Large:  Betsey Clinard - [email protected]

Member-At-Large:  Juan Valle - [email protected]

Member-At-Large:  Susan Saxon - [email protected]

Member-At-Large:  Ivan Cheng - [email protected]

Member-At-Large:  Jay Williford - [email protected]