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Premier Recreation Soccer

What Division Will My Child Play In?

Registration for our recreation programs is organized by birth year in accordance with U.S. Youth Soccer.  

How to determine your age group:

Birth year registration is determined by the year a soccer season ends. For seasons that span from fall to spring or summer overlapping across two calendar years, players will register based on their age during the second year of the season. To simplify, an age group can be determined by subtracting the birth year from the year the season ends.

Birth Year Calculation: Year Season Ends – Birth Year = Age Group

2019 to 2020 – 2005 = U-15

Check out the Birth Year and Season Matrix below:

FALL 2020 / SPRING 2021

Player Birth Year

Division Name

Division Age
2017Kick'n Kids (KnK)(4yrs old and under)
2016/2015Premier Development League (PDL)(6yrs old and under)
2014/2013Major League Soccer (MLS)(8yrs old and under)
2012/2011World Cup (WC)(10yrs old and under)
2010/2009English Premier League (EPL)(12yrs old and under)
2008/07/06Bundesliga (BU)(15yrs old and under)